About us
a photograph of Aaron Guilfoyle

The Office of the Work Health and Safety Prosecutor (OWHSP) commenced on 18 March 2019 and is an independent prosecution office, established by the Queensland parliament under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to conduct and defend proceedings for breaches of Queensland’s work health and safety laws.


Our purpose is to provide an independent prosecution service which:

  • meets the expectations of our stakeholders
  • responds to the priorities of our referring agencies
  • contributes to improving safety at Queensland workplaces.


We aim to:

  • act with professionalism and consistency
  • conduct our work as model litigants
  • assist to support victims of workplace injuries and their families
  • ensure that prosecution outcomes are shared with stakeholders.

Strategic priorities

Our priorities are to:

  • provide an efficient, effective and transparent prosecution service
  • undertake productive stakeholder engagement
  • develop our people.

About the Work Health and Safety Prosecutor

The OWHSP commenced on 18 March 2019 after Mr Aaron Guilfoyle was appointed by Governor-in Council as Queensland’s first independent Work Health and Safety Prosecutor (WHSP) for a five-year term. 

Mr Guilfoyle was previously an Assistant Director with the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP). His work with the CDPP included a specialisation in regulatory areas, including in maritime safety. Over an 18-year career, Mr Guilfoyle appeared regularly as counsel for the CDPP, including in high-profile and complex prosecutions for several Commonwealth regulatory agencies.